The roughish pirate captain Jim Riker is marooned on Isla Alejado Recuerdos in search of its legendary treasure. Allying himself with his quartermaster and friend Esma Alvarez the two pirates race against the fierce pirate hunter Capitan Garza for a prize Riker is willing to make any sacrifice to claim.

Dir. Erik Magnusson

Starring: Tristan McKinnon, Caroline Levion, Matt Rudduck


Soundtrack Review by Reel Music:

“The composer’s short motif for Hood, together with the dulcimer’s clean and sharp tones, are particularly effective at adding a mysterious air to Mr. Hood. Its enigmatic tone also has an underlying threatening feel to it that’s particularly effective..”

“…the immediacy of the themes and motifs used goes a long way to making the score an enjoyable, independent listen. On the strength of his score for King of The Gallows, here’s hoping that Lawrence is given the opportunity to work on a feature film.”

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